28 May 2009

Please Comment on My Paper on the Delta

The Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education (a publication of the Universities Council on Water Resources) has asked me to write a paper about water transfers, with a specific focus on the Delta.

I have posted a SECOND draft of the paper here [pdf].

If you have the time (and inclination) to make any comments, I would be grateful.

In particular, I am interested in errors, omissions, misjudgements and mischaracterizations.

Please leave comments on the paper as comments to this post. (It is possible to leave anonymous comments!) That will save others the effort of pointing out mistakes that you have already found. Please also use the line numbers included in the pdf to make it easier for us to communicate.

Also note that the paper is due next Monday (June 1), so you need to act quickly if you want me to consider your thoughts. (Thanks for the thoughts AND acting quickly!)