31 May 2009

Happy Birthday to My Dad!

I flew down to see my dad for his birthday.* We have many interesting conversations (see this and this prior post), and yesterday we talked about the similarity of people with left-wing and right-wing political views, i.e., how both of them want to control government so that they can tell everyone else what to do.

This goal is not only imperialist and condescending, but it is also unfair and inefficient. It is unfair because someone is telling you to stop doing something you like but they do not (e.g., pre-marital sex or driving big cars). It is inefficient because the policies that they impose fail to consider others' set of preferences (e.g., trade with the world or stop polluting it). While it's obvious that many government policies are required to overcome problems of collective action, it's also obvious (to me) that many do not and that those that do tend to be implemented with a "you do this" instead of a "we discourage this" mentality.

That's why I am a libertarian -- I want to maximize individual freedom while minimizing collective authority.

So, that's just another example of the kinda stuff I discuss with my dad. I love him for that, and I love him for being my dad.

Bottom Line: Happy 76th -- and many more!
* The plane was 25 percent full. No marginal impact, no need to worry about buying carbon offsets. Right?