30 May 2009

Flashback: 23-30 May 2008

These posts are STILL relevant, so please comment (I'll approve them ASAP.)

BEST: What is Aguanomics?: Philosophy, book suggestions, etc. Also read about Elasticity of Demand.

USAID Harms The Poor: I'm shocked, shocked! WaterAid, OTOH, does not. Why? They do what locals want.

BEST: Was Julian Simon Right about the Wrong Thing?: A guest post at env-econ where I clarify that the real constraint is the environment, not natural resources. Also see this post on Malthus and Carbon Trading.

USDA Sees the Light?: They agree that anthropomorphic climate change is happening.

BEST: Photogenic Losers and Fat Cats: IID lobbies for special treatment. Also see Water is Valuable! on how IID is offering its farmers too little money for the water it sells to cities for 3x the price and Fat Cats or Skinny Cats? on how water managers serve themselves instead of their constituents.


  1. WaterSource/WaterBank30 May 2009, 23:36:00

    Do me a favor ... when stating a price for water please specify if it is on a PER YEAR basis or in PERPETUITY.

    If it is priced on a PER YEAR basis, what is the length of term of the lease ...

    What percentage do you personally NOW use when calculating PRESENT WORTH ?

    Sometimes, it is tough to be on the same price page with you.

    WaterSource/WaterBank waterrdw@yahoo.com

  2. @Ray -- most of the time, I am talking about the price of an af delivered, not the price of that right (a sale). If I want to calc present value, I often use a discount rate of 5%.


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