14 Apr 2009

Whose Money for the Salton Sea?

In this post where I say that the Salton Sea Toilet does NOT need to be saved, someone left this comment:
So what is your solution David? Let the sea dry up and then find a way to deal with the toxic dust storms that would result? How would you deal with those?
Here's my reply:
Here's how I see it. Either
  1. We keep the sea from drying up to make sure that the toxics do not blow away or
  2. we dry it up and clean up the toxics.
There's no middle ground.

If IID drainwater continues to provide water faster than it evaporates, then we get (1). If IID runoff is reduced (for whatever reason), then we get (2).

I think that IID should pay for the clean up, as it is IID toxics that are in the Toilet, but I was informed by IID folks [here, I think] that it's the State's problem. In fact, I can't find any information on WHO is responsible for PAYING for the restoration.
So... who is going to pay for the $9 billion project? I can see some state money being allocated, but that's for "studies." When Joe Tagg told me about a cheaper plan (an ingenious series of rings of varying salinity, each lower then the one outside as the rings get smaller), I got the feeling that IID was going to have to pay. (I am not saying Tagg was offering to pay! Perhaps he was only talking about a neat idea.)

Bottom Line: Help! I am lost in the Salton madness!