22 Apr 2009

The Water Cone

In response to this post on the 884 million people without access to "adequate water delivery," HR mentioned this interesting device. It looks low-tech and reliable, but I wonder about daily yield....

Here's the description:
Based on evaporation levels of 8.8 Liters per square meter (average solar irradiation in Casablanca, Morocco), the WATERCONE(r) (with a base diameter of 60 - 80 cm) yields between 1.0 to 1.7 Liters of condensed water per day (24 hours). The salty / brackish Water evaporates by way of solar irradiation and the condensation from that Water appears in the form of droplets on the inner wall of the cone. These droplets trickle down the inner wall into a circular trough at the inner base of the cone.
They have won many prizes for the device, so they have acknowledgement. Now let's see if they get market penetration...

Bottom Line: Clean water doesn't need to cost an arm and leg!