27 Apr 2009

Running for Office

A friend sent me this list of questions that a reporter asked of candidates running to become directors of a regional water board:
  1. What qualifies you to be a board member of the district?
  2. What would be your top three priorities if elected?
  3. Where should the district rank irrigation, flood control and recreational uses in importance? How should district resources be distributed among the three?
  4. How can the district effectively address issues related to water supply and demand?
  5. How can the district establish a better working relationship with other local governments?
  6. Should the district be satisfied with its current administrative structure? Are there any improvements or changes that should be made?
  7. Have you or your business (if you are a business owner) ever been the subject of any state or federal tax liens?
  8. Have you ever been involved in business or bankruptcy proceedings?
  9. Have you ever been arrested or charged with DWI or any misdemeanor or felony?
Besides the last three (which may or may not disqualify candidates in the world of water) these are interesting questions. More importantly, it's good to see journalists tracking these politics AND candidates competing for office. When it comes to water politics, far too few elections are contested.

Bottom Line: If we want good people to manage our water, we need them to be qualified, hardworking and exposed to plenty of outside scrutiny and performance feedback!