18 Apr 2009

The Right Kinda Regulation

Colbert reports on new regulations we need "now that the economy has become a flying cow in the financial crapnado..."

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After you watch that, check out Barry Schwartz's TED talk on the loss of wisdom. He makes the good point that rules rules rules will not fix problems of a moral nature. We need to have the wisdom to do the right thing, not a fear of being penalized for breaking a rule.

Bottom Line: Nothing like government to take you from bad to (bribery-induced) worse! We need more individual responsibility and cooperation and less command and control from the "powers-that-be."

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  1. A wise person knows that the world contains cheats, thieves, murderers, lazy people and stupid people. That is why we have rules.

    But here is my best story. About twenty years ago, the HR department at Nordstrom's convinced the senior Mr. Nordstrom that the company should have a personnel manual. He agreed and several months later, he was walking past a room full of people holding a meeting. On the table were a pile of binders a foot high. He went into the room and asked what they were doing. They explained that they were HR personnel manual committee he had authorized. He asked what they were doing. They explained that they were trying to come up with a rule for when an employee accosted a customer in an elevator. He looked around the room for a minute, and then gathered up all the notebooks and binders and threw them into the trash.

    He then sat down and wrote Nordstrom's entire personnel manual, "At all times, we expect you to use your best judgment."


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