22 Apr 2009

Poll Results -- Walking the Walk

Hey! There's a new poll (Earth Day!) to the right --->

Here are the results from last week:

In response to environmental issues, I have (choose 1+)
Done nothing 11 votes
Done more research 32 votes
Asked my friends to change their habits 19 votes
Lobbied leaders (poltics, business, etc.) for change 23 votes
Changed my small habits (e.g., eating organic) 41 votes
Changed my big habits (e.g., living in a smaller house) 22 votes
Changed my entire life 12 votes
While I could interpret these results all day, the only thing I will point out is the number of people who did nothing is close to the number who changed their whole life. Interesting.

Bottom Line: We all see the environment -- and our role in it -- differently.


  1. Come on, David, you know better than that. Less than 10 % of your readers have responded, and, hell, you have no idea what the > 90 % readers think that have not responded. Plus, of course, you have no idea how truthful those were that did respond.

  2. I will do what every academic does:
    1) Assume that respondents are representative.
    2) Assume that they told the truth, and the truth they told reflected an accurate recall of what they actually decided -- not some ex-post rationalization of a different action/motivation...

  3. Heroic assumptions, for sure. That's why every academic worries about selection biases in this kind of thing, and that's why every academic worries about hypothetical and other related biases.


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