29 Apr 2009

Poll Results -- Earth Day

Hey! There's a new poll (public vs. private) to the right --->
Earth Day is about (choose 1+)
Consciousness Raising 30 votes
Guilt Alleviation 13 votes
Lifestyle Change 15 votes
Fundraising 13 votes
Education 22 votes
Symbolism 26 votes
Politics 8 votes
The Children! 9 votes

Wait! Did Earth Day just happen? Damn, I already forgot!

Bottom Line: We've got Earth Day, Water Week, Drinking Water Month, the Water Year and the Water for Life Decade. That keeps the media happy, but what about us? What about making changes and improvements? I am not quite on board with these "consciousness" events.


  1. I would posit that the poll results show your readers are not quite as put-off as you are, if consciousness raising is seen as a good first step to making changes...

    What I wish earth day was all about was celebrating - which my personal environmental world needs more of. I'm picturing my backyard, nestled amongst the stick-like dormant perennials, a small bonfire in the fire grate, a keg of organic homemade beer and some hot cider, lots of warm cabbage and potato soup from the rest of root-cellared crops, kids running around happy that the snow is almost melted, adults laughing and dancing and playing music and staying warm. That kind of thing. Celebrating the earth and keeping her in mind as we plan the next season.

  2. Recently, I saw a news poll stating that only 33 percent of U.S. citizens believe climate change is human caused. If this poll is even in the ballpark of real opinions, then the media attention that Earth Day usually garners (didn't seem to this year) is worth any consciousness we can raise.

    A lot of the rest of us use it as a kind of Earth resolution day for checking progress on our carbon footprint reduction and setting new eco-goals. I did, and posted them on my blog so folks can see what I'm aiming for and hold me accountable.


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