30 Apr 2009

Perception vs. Reality

I hope that Maude Barlow tells her fellow citizens THIS fact: Cheap water leads to more demand (Canadians have the highest per capita consumption of water in the world.)

Bottom Line: We cannot manage water if we don't know how much we use or how much that use costs (economically or environmentally).


  1. Biting the hand that feeds you and water rights.

    At some point please talk about how a number of government employees and academics feel that they are paid 'by the taxpayers' but do not make the connection that if businesses, who create the income for the taxpayers, suffer too badly then there are not taxpayers to pay the government supported salaries.

    I have met very few government employees who connect successful businesses to their own salaries.

    Any insights would help. It seems that this disconnect impacts water discussions strongly.

    For instance, you can't rebuild a dam if you have driven the tax generating businesses out of the area, e.g. Russia.

  2. Eric - excellent point. The trouble -- to me -- is not that they fail to recognize the source of their salaries, but that they fail to earn their salaries :)

    I may put up a post on killing golden geese, but it's peripheral to water, IMO...


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