9 Apr 2009

Off Topic: Drugs

I don't know about you, but why don't more people and politicians call attention the the CAUSAL link between our stupid drug policies, our record prison population (5% of the world’s people but almost 25% of its prisoners) and the massive violence in Mexico (10,000 dead since Dec 2006)?

Prohibition failed because it produced nothing but dead bodies and corruption. When will we end this nonsense? Arg!

Bottom Line: End the drug war. End the waste, corruption, and violence to our citizens and neighbors.


KND said...

You didn't think The Economist adequately linked these in last week's issue by discussing each topic on three consequative pages?

Four Mound Farm said...

Obama snickered during the online town hall meeting after multiple questions about legalizing marijuana. 1) It's not funny, and 2) he obviously didn't get the message. These questions came from his constituents, and he acted like we are just kooks. I consider this his first major disconnect from his electorate.

Philip said...

Well, I hope it's one of those things, like gay marriage, that will eventually make headway if people just keep focusing on it. Darn near everyone has a friend/family member/co-worker who is gay. After a while, the fretful come to realize that all of their fears and hostility were just silly. Likewise, everyone has a close relationship to someone who has an addiction problem with legal or illegal substances or actions. Ask them if they think putting Uncle Harry, or Mom, or themselves in jail would be a helpful way to treat their problem. You just have to get people thinking.

Dr. Hamid Rasool said...

I'm not sure that is off topic, Dave, if you look at water and weed as both being supplied by Allah and both being gifts from Allah to all, and with the rights to both being seized right now by greedy entities, probably ctbjs, so as to gain special benefits for themselves and their investors, but I digress.

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