27 Apr 2009

Neat Ideas

I looked around the exhibit at Investors' Circle after my talk last Tuesday.

Here are a few companies that may interest readers:

World Centric is the second largest maker of biodegradable plastics. I was pleased to hear that they have just got a biodegradable version of those plastic caps that come with your cappuccino... On the market soon!

"driptech designs and manufactures affordable drip irrigation for farmers in developing countries."

"Biochar Engineering designs, develops, and deploys industrial equipment that uses waste biomass, such as agricultural or forestry waste, to produce biochar." I asked about the recent push-back on biochar, but the rep said that was over-stated (no surprise). More-important, I am interested to see how a $50,000 investment that produces char worth $250/ton (fertilizer value, NOT carbon credit value) is going to hit cost-benefit ratios...

Cooler provides carbon footprint data from a company's quickbooks accounts. Start with the information tool and then move to buy offsets, etc.

"Sustainably raised by Kona Blue Water Farms, Kona Kampachi® is a Hawaiian yellowtail that is open ocean grown in the pristine waters off the Kona Coast of the Big Island—hatched, reared and harvested using state-of-the-art aquaculture technology, without depleting wild fisheries or harming the ocean environment."