24 Apr 2009

Flashback: 16-22 Apr 2008

These posts are STILL relevant, so please comment (I'll approve them ASAP.)

Coachella reactionaries protest water rate increases. They are being asked to pay the UNBELIEVABLE price of $10/AF. $1 for 32,500 gallons! What a ripoff! [end sarcasm]

Best: People in Vermont invoke the Public Trust doctrine to reallocate water rights. They want to maximize the benefit of the People's water, but they risk creating bigger problems by taking water from those who are not "wasting" very much.

Francis and I debate whether water markets violate California's laws on diversions. I am right of course :)

Best: Speaking of markets, Alberto Garrido shows that restrictions on trade harm senior water rights holders. Let's remove those restrictions and have more markets.

We need to price ecosystems if we want them to stay around...

Games that will teach you about water as a natural resource and environmental good.

Best: Native tribes used a river for 10,000 years without ruining it. We should take a few lessons from them!

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  1. On Coachella, yeah, most Californians just WISH they had the problem where their water rates were being RAISED to 10 dollars an acre foot... :)

    Farmers in the Imperial Valley are similarly protesting IID's recent rate increase from 17 to 20 dollars an acre foot...that one has the underpinning of a good deal more than just the rate increase, though, as IID is running roughshod over the farmers on a variety of fronts these days...

    At any rate, I think those prices, as low as they are, don't really reflect any market imperfections. They are not subsidized or anything. I think the costs are just reflective of the fact that (1) delivery costs are pretty cheap for those guys, that close to the river, and (2) they perfected state-law water rights in large quantities a long time ago.


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