19 Mar 2009

Speed Blogging V

  • "We recently released for public comment a draft of the 2010 National Report on Sustainable Forests... we are eagerly accepting comments until the end of the comment period on April 10... We provide current statistics on, for example, forest cover and use, forest carbon sequestration, disturbance, wood products production and consumption, non-timber forest products, and a comprehensive array of other topics deemed important to forest sustainability. Additional chapters provide a summary of key findings, a description of similar applications of sustainability criteria and indicators at regional and local scales, and a discussion of the policy implications of our work."

  • "Authored by Senator Pavley, SB 565... directs the State Water Resources Control Board to ensure that California recycles 50% of the water [PDF] that would otherwise be discharged to the ocean by wastewater facilities by 2030. This measure would result in the development of roughly 2 million acre feet of new water by 2030. That makes SB 565 the largest water development program in California since the State Water Project of the 1960's."

  • The first bulletin [PDF] from the Fifth World Water Forum in Istanbul (Aquadoc is there) has a brief summary of other international meetings on water and summaries of "strategy this" and "equitable that." No mention of prices, but markets have gone from verboten to "something to consider."

  • Biodiesel from coffee grounds: 5-7kg yields one liter.

  • MWDSC buys more water from PVID: "Metropolitan's board on Tuesday ratified a one-time emergency purchase of 66,000 acre-feet from farmers near Blythe in the Palo Verde Valley. The cost? More than $22 million, at $340 per acre-foot."

  • "San Diego homeowners are charged 95 cents a month on their water bills for storm drains, but the revenue generated pays only a fraction of the city's costs to curb water pollution. The fee covers about 14 percent of the city's storm-water budget,"

  • "Welcome to The QSA Devil, your guide to the Quantification Settlement Agreement or QSA, where the devil truly is in the details. Here you will find the truth about the West’s largest proposed water transfer in recent years." They are referring to the IID-SDCWA transfer that will max out at 200TAFY.

  • Farmers in San Diego make uncomfortable decisions in the face of 30% water cuts.
hattips to DB, RT, and DW

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