5 Mar 2009

Special Interests versus the Masses

(via JFleck) WaPo reports:
Packs of lobbyists fill two rooms outside the House and Senate chambers in Richmond every afternoon, watching the proceedings on big video screens, zapping legislators with e-mails the instant the lobbyists sense that one of their bills might be in trouble. The interest groups that hire lobbyists can rest easy; they’ve got the legislature covered.

Down the hall, the people’s representatives have a hangout of their own, the press room. But there, nearly half the desks are empty. Reporters have been called home, reassigned, bought out, laid off. Only one TV station in Virginia still has a reporter at the capital. Many newspapers have decided to cover the capital by phone, if at all.
If you have not read The Logic of Collective Action, now is the time to do so -- we need to understand and implement ways to combine and concentrate the desires of the masses to combat the special interests.

Bottom Line: A government "of, by and for the People" is NOT a government that takes orders (and money!) from those who would enslave those People.