26 Mar 2009

One Year of Aguanomics

Today is the first anniversary of aguanomics! [Here's the six month update.]

So how are we doing?

In the past year, I have averaged about 3.5 posts/day. Why?
  • There's a lot to be said.
  • I like to say it.
  • You all want to hear it. (Keep those emails coming!)
Current readership is divided into about 700 RSS/email readers and about 300 daily unique visitors. (Let's be generous and say that about 1,000 people read this blog every day :) Here's a PDF showing stats for the site over the past year. Basically, 46,000 people have made 76,000 visits; 80 percent of the visitors are from the US.

In the past year, I added the following features:
  • Weekly polls
  • Weekend discussions
  • Various feed and subscription tools (feedburner, sitemeter, clustrmaps, and WaterSISWEB)
  • Bookmark & Share -- still trying to find out if people use it...
  • Damian as an occasional (and valuable!) co-blogger
  • Water Chats
  • tags/labels on posts
In the year to come, I am hoping to add the following:
  • Blast from the past (post of the week from one year before)
  • More water chats
  • Whatever works!
I am also interested in improving stickiness -- so that visitors stay around longer and make more comments. Please email me with suggestions/help in that area.

Here are some logistical notes -- just so you can plan ahead :)
  • My fellowship runs until May 2010, so I should be here for another year.
  • I'll be in Europe from late June (EAERE in Amsterdam) to late August (World Water Week in Stockholm), so contact me for coffee and/or talks. I'll try to get at some euro-water issues...
  • I have no idea what I'll do after that. Please send job ideas but note that I tend to work for the People -- I'm not looking for partisan positions :)
Bottom Line: Blogging is a competitive business (to me), and I want aguanomics to be the number one blog for the politics and economics of water policy. Let's continue the dialog, but let's make this next year one with more RESULTS!


  1. "Please send job ideas but note that I tend to work for the People"

    Sooo....which people do you work for?

  2. Good job, my man. My occasional rhetoric notwithstanding.

  3. @Anon -- we economists work with the "social welfare function," which means all of us. For more background, refer to Rawls' concept of policy making from "behind the veil."

    Try here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_welfare_function

    but note that the correct unit of measure (the individual) includes a factor for the individual's role as a social being (father, brother, friend, child, etc.)

    Basically, I treat everyone alike in terms of trying to maximize their capacity to achieve what they want (without harming others) -- a basic libertarian concept...

    Of course, it's hard to get paid when you pursue such a line of work (the free-riding problem).

  4. Congratulations and thank you.

    As to the job: I don't know how others see it, but to me, many of your comments do suggest a partisan bent. Typically these are not about water, or, if these are about water, it is comments made as an aside.

    I suggest to people that are job hunting that the best bet is to be yourself. I assume the blog reflects who you are, but the (sad) truth is that some of your comments might turn-off a potential employer.

    I enjoy your blog, so, again, thank you for your efforts.

  5. @Anon -- read about my politics here: http://aguanomics.com/2008/06/my-politics.html

    I am partisan to the degree that I dislike "free lunch" arguments that fail to consider the costs of one's view or the benefits of an opponent's.

    I am always willing to change my positions -- when the facts or logic warrants (I am not a "believer")

    I have no regard for the POV of employers when they are dishonest. I have been fired for speaking my mind, and I am happy that I did.

    To this point, note my opinion that freedom of speech and discussion/debate define "civilization".

  6. Is that picture showing you enjoying the waters of Semuc Champey in Guate?


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