12 Mar 2009

NorCal Photo Essay

Here are some photos [click to see full size] from my recent 700 mile trip around Northern California (yes, the State of Jefferson). I went to Willows (water chats with Emrick and Bettner), Bella Vista (water chat with the Rickerts), McCloud (water chat with Anderson and Stewart), and then Etna (to discuss all-in-auctions as a means of finding the price of "environmental water" in the Scott Valley).

Here's some typical farmer propaganda. Why do they have it? Either to protect the rights they have or lobby for rights that they want.

Here's the Shasta Reservoir, which is NOW at about 36% of capacity and 49% of average levels. (BTW, NYC's water levels are "normal" -- at 85% of capacity.) California's watersheds are STILL at critical or dry status...

This is one view of Scott Valley:

...and here's another (Note my "native" costume :)

Bottom Line: You gotta go there to REALLY understand.

second and fourth photos by Cate Corbitt

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