31 Mar 2009

Food Chain FAIL

Bottom Line: Don't make "policy" about things you don't understand.


Philip said...

If God did not want us to eat animals, why did He make them out of meat?

Anonymous said...

oh my! someone should send this to Jay Leno's Headlines before he's off the air in June. scary world out there.

Four Mound Farm said...

I enslave chickens and make them lay eggs that I steal and either sell, eat, or incubate into more chickens. If they don't lay eggs, I wring their necks, dip them in hot water, pull all their feathers out, scrape out their guts, and throw them in the freezer. I also take helpless plants, boil them alive and imprison them in jars.

Spreck Rosekrans said...

Umm, isn't the article almost certainly a joke? Kinda fun maybe to think people are that ignorant, but I doubt this one is for real.

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