27 Mar 2009

Drumming up Business?

(via DW) The Pacific Institute says that "significant improvement is needed in the depth and breadth of corporate reporting on water, particularly regarding water issues outside of direct business operations"

Now water reporting sounds like a great way for various consultants to make good money from corporations, and I am sure that the Pacific Institute knows that.

According to PI's 2005 and 2006 IRS form 990s, it appears that PI gets about 1/6th of its revenue from "fee for service contracting," and I hope that those fees are NOT coming from making water reports for companies (i.e., a variation on "we find that we are necessary), since such income would conflict with PI's mission to provide objective advice to policy makers. Perhaps they placed such a disclaimer in their report, but I could not find it.

Bottom Line: When one is working "for the People," one must be careful to clarify when one's personal interests may conflict with those of the People.


  1. It's great to have watch doggers out there, even for public interest organizations such as the Pacific Institute. As the lead researcher for the Pacific Institute's work on corporate water disclosure, I am please to inform you we have never worked with or been paid by any company on its water disclosure practices, nor do we have any plans to do so in the future. Jason Morrison

  2. Yay Jason! (I thought so :)

    ps/I suggest that PI post ALL its 990s on its website...

  3. PI claims to represent the people, but they don't represent ME. I guess that makes me not a person.


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