09 March 2009

Aguanomics Swag!

In honor of simple, yet powerful messages, I have (with the help of HZ and BB) created a bumper sticker version of the bottom line on this blog: "Some Water for Free... Pay for More" [click to see the full-size version]

You can order bumper stickers singly ($4/each), or in packs of ten ($3/each) or 50 ($2/each) at CafePress. (I may also send some to loyal aguanauts...)

Feel free to use the (intact) image elsewhere.

After assessing the success of this sticker, I will consider other slogans :)


WcH said...

Nice, but how 'bout some rhyming?

Some water for free... the rest with a hefty fee.

To ensure water's not lost... impose a high cost.

Aquadoc said...

Awesome, dude! Send one to Maude Barlow.