18 Feb 2009

Water Wikis

I just googled this term and found these wikis:

The Water Wiki: The Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable (SWRR) meeting on June 26-27, 2008, discussed the idea of starting a Wiki to support ongoing discussions, especially of the new Whitehouse Council on Environmental Quality Plan to Develop National Environmental Indicators, in preparation for its next meeting in the fall. The Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable meeting on November 15-16, 2007, experimented with a Web 2.0 Wiki.

Waterwiki: No description, but 467 articles.

Water Wiki: How should water be managed in the southeastern United States? This wiki is devoted to discussion and debate of the many facts, issues, opinions and points of view this question raises. Over 200 articles.

Does anyone know of other wikis?

My goal is to create a SINGLE wiki that lists and links water user groups (irrigation districts, municipal utilities, etc.), to infrastructure, water trades, prices, etc.

If you want to help on this task, please email me!

Bottom Line: It's difficult to find something if you have to search in multiple places. Time for some centralization!