26 Feb 2009

Water in Focus

I met one of the Outside the Lens organizers of this interesting project [.doc]:
Water in Focus... calls students to action as they examine environmental justice issues centered on the theme of water... in San Diego [where] they explore the issues of water conservation, water shortage, water pollution, and accessibility to water through photography and visual arts.


Each student who participates in Water In Focus will:
  1. Complete a writing piece that reflects their personal relationship to water.
  2. Learn basic photography skills and will capture at least 30 photographs that document water in their lives and community.
  3. Engage in a dialogue centered on water issues through group investigations on the causes and effects of our water crisis.
  4. Complete an educational component that involves factual information.
  5. Participate in our online virtual mural where students can upload photographs and writing pieces centered on water to share with our online global community.
Students participating in the program have from 18 Feb to 22 March (World Water Day) to upload their photos. Selected photos will be exhibited in San Diego from 22 April (Earth Day) until 2 June.

Here's their Flickr group.

Here are the flyer and guidelines [PDFs] for potential participants.

If you are interested in participating in WiF, email Niki Even.

Bottom Line: Water is a complicated issue, and kids should consider it from multiple perspectives [pun!]


  1. Wow , A photo contest is always a great competition to take part in , and it will bring out the artist in so many people. It will be a great contest to be involved in for the students.

  2. Very informative blog. I think the biggest source of water pollution is Industries. Industrial sector is consuming vast amount of water. Major problem with industrial water usage is a huge percentage out of this water consumed leads to production of wastewater which may or may not degrade quality of nearby resource. Industrial water treatment Consultant should be consult in this regard.


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