6 Feb 2009

Water Chats (South and North)

My water chats tour of Southern California starts next week. For most of my time, I will be listening to water people (academic, agricultural, bureaucratic entrepreneurial, political and scientific), but I plan to speak at the BIL conference on Sunday in Long Beach.

If you want to meet for coffee and a chat, check out the calendar on the right sidebar to see if I will be in your area -- and then email or call me (510-499-3262).

My trip to Northern California will take place the week of Feb 23. I already have a full-day workshop on all-in-auctions scheduled for Friday the 27th, but I am looking for other places to visit during the week, so feel free to suggest people/places for me to talk or listen (GCID, Klamath?).

Addendum: My BIL talk is at 10:05 on Sunday morning in Room B. (Arg! Terrible time.)


  1. Very cool blog.

    A few days ago I posted a screed on California's fiscal / water situation and I might update it using some of the info found here.

  2. I just stubbled on your blog. Lots of interesting stuff here. Early this week, the California Irrigation Institute had their annual conference. Lots of water folk, lots of good discussion about current problems (e.g. drought) climate change policy options, etc...

    The conference flyer is at http://www.cuwcc.org/uploadedFiles/News/Articles_Resources/Latest_News/CII-2009-Conference.pdf

    You might want to check it out next year.

    P.S. Are you going to visit with California Department of Water Resources people?

  3. @Anon -- I'll have to TRY to visit them on my Central CA tour. Sometimes, they do not return my calls...

  4. Try calling the Economics staff.


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