21 February 2009

Water Chats -- Hasencamp of MWD

My last water chat was with Bill Hasencamp, Executive Manager in charge of Colorado River imports to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California -- source of 80-90 percent of Southern California's imported water.

During the one-hour and 45 minute talk [37MB MP3], we discussed the Peripheral Canal, building a second Colorado River Aqueduct, his experience of water policies in northern and Southern California, and how MWD can use auctions to end the current lawsuits among member agencies.

Bottom Line: Urban Southern California is in for some EXPENSIVE water, and they should plan for a "drier" lifestyle with fewer neighbors (well, fewer people, but closer together).

1 comment:

  1. A very good discussion indeed. Your discussions with IID, PVID and MWD have probably given you (and us) some things to think about.



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