18 Feb 2009

Poll Results -- Living Spaces

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If I had to move house today....
I'd live in a community without parking, private yards or commuting 56%
I'd live in a community with personal conveniences, space, and commuting 44%
34 votes total

My intention with this poll was to find out how many people prefer the compact, urban lifestyle and how many prefer the spread-out, suburban lifestyle.

Bottom Line: When it comes to doing the right thing, people choose to do what they want.


  1. Wonder what the results would be if the word "today" were omitted...

  2. Thats a great poll , it gets you thinking if I moved house today I would love to live somewhere that is isolated and quite without noise and the constant disturbance of the everyday world.

  3. I live in DFW and there are not any/many communities without parking, private yards or commuting that are affordable to the average person.

    I use to take the TRE (trinity rail express) into Fort Worth but I no longer have that job and have to (elected to) drive to Addison from the midcities.

    D/FW has pretty !@#$!@#! public transportation.

  4. @Anon -- you put your finger on the problem of "path dependency" -- it's hard to get off a car-centric lifestyle once the infrastructure is in place...

  5. I do live in an isolated and quiet rural area. We keep digging up the yard for putting in more garden. Owls hoot at me when I go out for firewood before dawn and deer stroll through the driveway. But I am utterly held hostage by dependence on vehicles. After a half hour drive, I park in town and ride the bus to work to save paying for parking. I drive a four cylinder gas miser, but most of my neighbors drive enormous pickups and SUVs to town every day!! (It's a curvy, hilly, snowy road...) If a regional bus system were brought online I would be on it in a heartbeat.


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