18 Feb 2009

Interesting Data

On my water chats tour, I picked up some interesting data. The following images [click to see full size] will be interesting to people who wonder about IID's crop mix, its water application efficiency, and the drainage of the Colorado River.

2007 Crop Mix [page 1]

2007 Crop Mix [page 2]

Joe Tagg's water inflow/outflow showing a 1.48% tailwater ratio

Colorado River Drainage

Bottom Line: A picture is worth a thousand words, but data are worth more...


  1. This data is very valuable. Thanks and please keep the information flowing for all those concerned citizens out there.

    More information, not less.

  2. Very valuable indeed.

    How is the tailwater defined?

    How large is the acreage under pressure irrigation (sprinkler, drip) ?

  3. Tailwater is water that runs into the drain off the property. IID uses gravity irrigation. The only pumping that takes place is to move water to higher ground (on teh edges of the valley) so it can flow down...

  4. J,

    There is some sprinkler irrigation in the area, but that is mostly used for germination and for vegetable crops. The trade-off for the more controlled application of water is the electricity costs and the costs of an extremely high incidence of thefts of the sprinkler pipes and equipment. Many farmers stopped using sprinklers because the cost of constantly having to replace stolen equipment was too high.

    There is some drip irrigation, but that is mostly for citrus crops.

    Forage crops are not suited for drip irrigation, and not all that well suited to sprinkler irrigation once the crop is above ground.


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