23 Feb 2009

Clearing the Backlog, Part VI

  • The smallest number of Pacific Ocean salmon ever recorded swam back to the Sacramento River via San Francisco Bay last fall...only 66,286 adult salmon returned to the Sacramento River to spawn. Six years ago, the peak return was 13 times higher... The ultimate cause of the decline is `sort of death by 1,000 cuts' related to habitat destruction of the delta... `It was a huge marsh, habitat for all of the runs. Now it's been diked, levied and rip-rapped until it's not more than a big ditch,' Grimes said. Dams, pumping water by the state and federal water projects and the operation of hatcheries all contribute to the problem.'"

  • "The deadline to submit entries for ACWA’s new Excellence in Water Leadership Award – Building a World of Difference is Monday, March 2. The award recognizes individuals or groups that have made a remarkable and visible contribution to the enhancement, protection or development of water resources in California. The recipient has the honor of presenting a $5,000 charitable donation to a non-profit organization that works toward the enhancement and / or protection of California’s water resources."

  • "The trees in African rainforests are gobbling up ever more carbon dioxide and thereby mitigating the buildup of the greenhouse gas in Earth's atmosphere. The finding underscores the importance of protecting the rainforests."

  • "U.S. Bureau of Reclamation officials said parched reservoirs and patchy rainfall this year were forcing them to stop surface-water deliveries for at least two weeks beginning March 1. Authorities said they haven't taken such a drastic move since the early 1990s, the last time California struggled through a prolonged drought." Can we get REAL water markets, please?

  • "There is a very high chance that geoengineering techniques will be applied, by someone, somewhere. However, there is also much to lose. There is therefore an obvious case for some kind of international regulation. This paper aims to identify and outline some of the practical and conceptual problems that such regulation would face."

  • "a new study... comparing the climate change and health costs of corn and cellulosic biofuels to that of gasoline... finds that when the entire life-cycle of a fuel is taken into account, the health and climate change costs associated with corn ethanol are highest, followed by gasoline and then cellulosic ethanol." The ethanol program is bad for us (taxpayers and consumers), bad for the poor (expensive food) , and bad for the planet. END IT!
hattips to DW and ES


  1. Valerie the Taxpayer4 Mar 2009, 19:34:00

    I don't understand why this post was labeled with "Bottled water." Perhaps your labeling criteria is spammy? You seem to be casting a wide net for keywords — something that tends to degrade the level of discussion on what might otherwise be a useful blog.

  2. Hi Valerie -- sorry about that. Sometimes I make mistakes. That's the one for 2009!


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