30 Jan 2009

Preparing for Failure

Mayor Sanders of San Diego has announced [PDF] public workshops...
...to help prepare the public for potential cuts to water supplies.

The Department is staging the workshops to discuss and take input on how water allocations for City water customers are being developed.
Here's what they should discuss -- raising the price of water to water wasters (while keeping it low for water misers). Santa Barbara did it in the last drought. Why can't San Diego use the price mechanism? Why does the Mayor and water department insist on rationing -- the most costly command and control response?

I'll be in the area (Feb 9, 10 and 12), so I'll show up to see what happens.

Bottom Line: Don't hold workshops to tell people what to do. Raise prices and let them decide what to do.

hattip to DW


  1. I don't suppose there's any chance you could make your case to the Mayor, is there?

  2. Ahhh,...Have some real fun ... ask the Mayor what he knows about a new fresh water Source that can be developed to yield his region a million acre feet each year (325,900,000,000 gallons).

  3. @Mike -- I'd love to talk to the Mayor one-on-one. Let's see...

    @Ray -- you're going to have to say more about this Source if you don't want us to think you're in the tinhat crowd... [guest post?]

  4. Why are the decisionmakers so blind to a golden opportunity? Raising rates is job security up here... Why not in SoCal? More revenue, more funding for leak detection, water audits, infrastructure repair/replacement, conservation education, and WUE retrofit rebate programs. The misers win and so do the purveyors. It appears the waterhogs run the show and don't want their gravy (water) train interrupted.


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