21 Jan 2009

Poll Results -- Obama's Crowds

Hey! There's a NEW POLL (Why $140 oil?) to the right --->
Obama's Inauguration Will Have How Many People on the Streets?
under 1 million 22%15
1 - 2 million 27%18
2 - 3 million 13%9
3 - 4 million 9%6
4 million plus 28%19
67 votes total
There is no official count of the crowd because counting is political. (WTF? Seems to be a little like "my crowd is bigger than yours") The NYT says over one-million; CNN says 2 million. (The record is 1.2 million for LBJ's 1965 inauguration.)

I am concluding the 1-2 million is right. If you said so -- high five!

Bottom Line: A lot of people were happy to be there.


  1. David,

    Just in case you don't know about The Wall Street Journal's "Numbers Guy" ... here is his piece on the Obama crowd:


  2. There were high fives all around yesterday--champagne too. On the Oil prices survey, did you mean "speculators" or "spectators" on that checkbox? If it's speculators, I pick that one!


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