16 Jan 2009

Me on Bloomberg Radio

Zetland Says Bottled Water Costs Up to 10,000 Times Tap Water
Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) -- David Zetland, an agricultural and resource economist at the University of California, Berkeley, talks with Bloomberg's Tom Keene about the economics of bottled and tap water, conservation, and global water supply and management.

The 26 minute interview [.mp3] is -- in my not-humble opinion -- pretty damn good.

In it, Keene and I discuss topics previously covered in these posts:

My Politics
Bottled Water & Tap Water (many posts)
Fiji Water (many posts)
Drugs in Water
Bottled Water as Competition for Local Utilities

My flip flop on the Peripheral Canal
Journalistic Failure
Abuse of Price Theory
Water Pricing
Santa Barbara and Conservation Pricing
Water and Abundance
Water Pricing -- Cost or Value
Rationing (many posts)
Water is too cheap (everywhere on this blog!)
Water, Pipes and the Poor
Free Water Doesn't Help the Poor
Community and Water
Institutions, not Pipes
Sachs is Wrong (again)
Colorado River Problems (many posts)
UN Declaration of Water Rights
Climate Change (many posts)
Water as a Scarce Resource (many posts)
Blogging as a Career Destroyer
Winner Takes All Political Fights (many posts)

Yes, there's a lot of content in that podcast :)

We also cover other interesting topics (no one place on the web for water info, so many water conferences, I am not for sale, etc.)

And, by the way, Krugman doesn't read my blog (as far as I know!)

Bottom Line: That was fun. Water Chats will be better -- since you can ask your own questions! (Check the calendar to the right or email me to schedule one!)


Admiral said...

Congrats! This is terrific. Keep up the good work as this blog is a valuable resource itself.

Anonymous said...

Did Tyler Cowen steal your bottom line ?

At least he made it his own by adding "the"

David Zetland said...

Actually, Tyler says bottom line every so often. When I saw it, I decided to use it VERY often :)

(I don't think he invented the idea tho' :)

Abendigo Reebs said...

Zetland, awesome interview.

You get me even more excited about a topic I'm already into.

Keep up the great work, seriously, and thanks for sharing, as I wouldn't have found this interview otherwise.

I uber-glad I found your blog.

Abendigo Reebs said...

By the way, the most fascinating aspect of your discussion, for me, was "the costliness of rationing". I didn't know it was SO costly, and I'd like to know just how costly it is. I suppose that it doesn't have an almost Keynesian component to it -- regulatory local government intervention. And ticketing of course is a form of taxation. Every time I get a parking ticket I pretend like it's another form of taxation.

mq said...

great interview. tom keene is one of the best interviewers i have ever heard.

Anonymous said...

Here's one public water agency that takes on bottled water: www.valleywater.org/tapvbottle/.

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