21 Jan 2009

The Frat Boy Ships Out

The Economist's sendoff is brutal but deserved:
His energy policy was written by Mr Cheney with the help of a handful of cronies from the energy industry.

His lacklustre attorney-general Alberto Gonzales, who was forced to resign in disgrace, was only the most visible of an army of over-promoted, ideologically vetted homunculi.

The Iraq war was a case study of what happens when politicisation is mixed with incompetence.
Don't let the door hit you on the way out...[Prior posts on Bush]

Bottom Line: Absolute power corrupts absolutely -- and transforms stupid into dangerous.


  1. During the inauguration ceremony Bush wore scowl like his stomach hurt. He never had much of a game face, did he? Cheney sat in a wheelchair, which would have made it easy to dump him over the balcony. Imagine the cheering for that!! When I was an undergrad, some frat boys had organized methods of cheating on exams, and would try to copy my answer sheet since they knew I actually studied the material. This was in physics, and they were going into civil engineering and architecture. Maybe that's why roofs collapse, tunnels disintigrate, and bridges fall down... Makes you wonder.

  2. Bottom Line: Absolute power corrupts absolutely -- and transforms stupid into dangerous.

    Since Obama now has as much power as Bush, you must be absolutely terrified. Absolute power in the hands of someone smart! And yet I don't get that sense from your blog...

  3. With respect to absolute power: the Bush administration complied with every Supreme Court decision (even those in which, arguably, the Court did not follow its own precedent.)

  4. @Bob -- At least Obama starts off smart!

    @Anon -- Your point (checks and balances) is nearly useless. Besides attacking habeas corpus, Bush's betrayal of American ideals extended more deeply, to more places than ever before. You can't expect the SCOTUS to catch everything -- even if it had jurisdiction, which it didn't. Further, the Bushies were PUSHED into ex-post compliance after SCOTUS occasionally caught them soiling the Constitution. No Apologists here, please.

    @All -- I will hold Obama to the same standard -- serving the People.

  5. "No Apologists here, please." I do not consider myself to be one, but it is your blog so I'll take that as a request for me to stop posting my comments.

  6. @Anon -- If you're not an apologist, then you should obviously continue to comment. My comment is not about YOU but about your comment, which -- as I said -- missed the main point while claiming that a minor point made the main point relevant.

    Fire away. We're all-inclusive to people who engage the topic...


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