24 Dec 2008

Water Chats Are Coming to You!

I will be taking to the road in 2009 to teach and learn about water.

I will start in California (vote where I go at the weekly poll, which will run for two weeks), going north, central or south, after January 10, 2009.

My first goal will be to learn, i.e., I will meet with "water people" to hear what they have to say about the management of water in their job/region.

My second goal will be to teach, i.e., I will be available to give talks about aguanomics -- the economics of water -- here and there.

My third goal will be to meet you, the readers, to find out how I can improve this blog and answer questions that are too complicated to transmit in text.

After the poll tells me where to go, I will post a wiki with dates and places and let you all weigh in on my itinerary.

After heading one direction, I will head another direction in February (and so on), until this process seems to make no sense, or I die of old age :)

Bottom Line: Aguanomics is about bringing economics to the people -- and here I come!


  1. Good Luck! After California...how about the Southeast?

  2. Great idea; good for you.

  3. This time of year?

    I'd start North, then head South. Better to get the perspective of folks at the source and work your way down to the end user.

    Once you have California's water issues scoped out - Take the second trip to Colorado and work your way down to LA.

    Just a suggestion.


  4. We'd love to see you in New Mexico, too.

  5. I'd suggest visiting the Imperial Valley and talking directly with farmers about water/ag issues. Contact the Imperial County Farm Bureau for names and contact info. If you listen with an open mind, you're likely to be surprised at how unfairly biased some of your previously stated views are about agricultural water usage in that region.


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