24 Dec 2008

Water Chats Are Coming to You!

I will be taking to the road in 2009 to teach and learn about water.

I will start in California (vote where I go at the weekly poll, which will run for two weeks), going north, central or south, after January 10, 2009.

My first goal will be to learn, i.e., I will meet with "water people" to hear what they have to say about the management of water in their job/region.

My second goal will be to teach, i.e., I will be available to give talks about aguanomics -- the economics of water -- here and there.

My third goal will be to meet you, the readers, to find out how I can improve this blog and answer questions that are too complicated to transmit in text.

After the poll tells me where to go, I will post a wiki with dates and places and let you all weigh in on my itinerary.

After heading one direction, I will head another direction in February (and so on), until this process seems to make no sense, or I die of old age :)

Bottom Line: Aguanomics is about bringing economics to the people -- and here I come!