23 Dec 2008


PB sent me this prayer on water:
We thank you, Almighty God, for the gift of water. Over it the Holy Spirit moved in the beginning of creation. Through it you led the children of Israel out of their bondage in Egypt into the land of promise. In it your Son Jesus received the baptism of John and was anointed by the Holy Spirit as the Messiah, the Christ, to lead us, through his death and resurrection, from the bondage of sin into everlasting life.
Although I am agnostic, I am happy to acknowledge the value of religion and spirituality as a means of understanding who we are and what we should strive for.

Please post your favorite water prayers, poems, etc. in the comments...

Bottom Line: We have a deep connection with water, and we should respect that connection by managing it wisely.

1 comment:

  1. Water prayer by Sulis

    (based on an Alonquin women's prayer for water)

    The water that I
    the water that I carry
    the water that I carry is
    the water

    The sound of water flowing
    over the pebbles, over the cobbles
    the sound of water singing
    the sound

    A poet, po-, po-, po, po-
    -et, -et, -et, -et, wet
    a wet poet
    the song

    The blood of mother earth
    her blood flowing
    her moaning

    The water that I
    the water that I carry
    the water that I carry is
    the water



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