18 Dec 2008


MyFarm started in San Francisco in 2008 [link dead as of Dec 2009. Oh well...].
MyFarm is a decentralized urban farm. We grow vegetables in backyard gardens throughout the city. By increasing local food production we are creating a secure and sustainable food system. Using organic practices we strive to grow the best tasting most nutritious vegetables. We ask what vegetables you like and grow them just for you.
I love their business model: homeowners pay to get a garden put in their backyards. Gardens are maintained by myfarmsf staff, and produce is sold to neighbors (homeowners can get a discount).

According to Trevor, MyFarm's founder, the company has been in the black from the beginning -- the ultimate form of sustainability! They already have 60 backyard gardens and are thinking of how to franchise the idea to other places.

Bottom Line: Check these guys out -- total win-win!


  1. What A Wonderment!!!!

  2. Of course: crazy local food woman approves :)


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