15 Dec 2008

Loving Themselves

United Nations General Assembly President Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann calls for a "Right to Water," and Maude Barlow (newly appointed Senior Advisor on Water Issues to President d'Escoto Brockmann) agrees with his opinion of her platform. [I denounced it three months ago.]:
This is a wonderful opportunity to advance a more democratic and transparent method of policy making around water at the global level than now exists. Without water there is no life, water is a public good, and a human right.
I'm sorry, but this propaganda makes me sick. Barlow has NO clue about water economics, and now she's pushing for massive interventions by bureaucrats
Within a year of ratification, states would be expected to put in place a plan of action, with targets, policies, indicators, and timeframes to achieve the realization of this right. As well, states would have to amend domestic law to comply with the new rights. In many cases, this will include constitutional amendments. Some form of monitoring of the new rights would also be established and the needs of marginalized groups, such as women and indigenous peoples, would need to be addressed.
The Right to Water is so politically correct and so likely to lead to disaster and failure that my head spins.

Will Barlow apologize when MORE children die as a result of such silly policies?

Or will she call for more intervention?

If you've learned anything from international aid failure, you will know that it wil be the latter: "MORE kids are dying -- give us more money to help them..."


Bottom Line: The solution to this "parched posted child" of an issue is NOT a new human right, bureaucracy or slogan. It's the same thing that works everywhere: Better government and more freedom for local people to solve their own problems -- without troublesome interference by overweening bureaucrats [making $100k+ tax free!] who have NO CLUE about local reality and suffer NO DEATH when "nice nice" policies go nowhere.

Addendum: Aquadoc skewers Barlow for arguing with misinformation.