19 Nov 2008

Poll Results -- Consumption Choices

Hey! There's a NEW poll to the right ----->

My consumption of water is MOST affected by
Current supplies of water 23%15
The price of water 11%7
Habit and/or convenience 35%23
Nothing (I use what I use) 30%20
People around me 2%1
66 votes total
So, I made a mistake on this question -- it seems that "Habit and/or convenience" and "Nothing (I use what I use)" are pretty much the same thing. That means that 2/3rds of people pay no attention to how much water they use. (I'm one of them!)

Bottom Line: If water cost more, people might pay attention to how much they used!


  1. I agree that the choices could have been better-worded: I selected "habit and/or convenience" -- and I have a habit of minimizing usage for everything. That doesn't really translate to paying no attention, does it? ;)


  2. I saw a difference between 'nothing' and 'habit/convenience'. I chose habit because I am really concerned about, at least, hot water use (I must admit to being more concerned about the use of fossil fuels to heat it than the water supply itself - which so far is quite adequate in Anchorage). So it is not 'nothing' that decides my use, I do think long and hard about running the tap or the shower and have low flow devices installed etc. However, in the end, my choice usually ends up being to take a long, hot, wasteful, expensive bath. Partly due to real pleasure, mostly due to habit. Although a warm cup of tea would do as much to warm and relax me, the bath is an ingrained habit from childhood to wind down and store core body heat for the night. I actually find that most of the things I am successful at doing, conservation-wise, are due to setting up good habits. The things I suck at are because I haven't set up a working habit yet. Cost is usually a secondary motivator for me, as most of the time I pay more for a real or perceived environmental benefit in my life. I am also not a very typical consumer in some ways.

  3. I don't like the wording on the new poll either. I mean, I've been sick, and I've drunk some dubious water, in close temporal proximity, but I don't KNOW whether it was the water, or the food I washed down with it, that actually made me ill.

    You're promoting FUD here.

  4. @FZ and Michelle -- good answers. As usual, a question elicits many feelings...

    @Jeremy -- sorry that you're feeling FUD. I am just trying to get an idea of people's experience and/or impressions. Note that I didn't say "tap" or "bottled" (or "lake") water, since that's not relevant to the question of our relation to water...


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