21 Nov 2008

Famous Last Words

I'm extensively quoted in this story:
Zetland went on to say that water managers are “creating” the next shortage.

"What are water managers doing? They’re telling people that they’d better use less -- or face rationing," he said. "So, business as usual. Too bad, because that won’t work… It is the engineers and the DWR that screwed up."

“I wish we were that clever,” Martin said.
My (not obvious at first reading) point is that people will not conserve when they are told to. Instead of trying something different (raising prices, e.g., 40% higher increasing block rates, which is not what I said but not too bad), DWR and "the engineers" will just impose rationing, which is costly to businesses and farms that prefer to pay more over getting cut off.

The quotation from Martin (DWR's drought person) is pretty ironic revealing. Is Martin admitting that DWR is not clever enough to come up with an alternative to rationing? Let me help them out...

Bottom Line: Raise urban prices; allow Statewide trading.


Tommy said...

To raise urban prices, first as you rightly said more monitoring of ground water needs to be inplace, otherwise it is just going to be the section hurt by water shortages who is going to pay the price and the other half who are well off will just be profitting out of the whole situation.

Jason Pex Tube said...

I agree with your point Tommy!

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