22 Nov 2008

China Will Suffer from Climate Change

"Climate Change and Food Security in China" warns that China will lose its self-sufficiency in food production as early as 2030 because of climate change. The solution? Take immediate action to cut greenhouse gas emissions and adopt policies encouraging more climate-friendly ecological agriculture. Greenpeace commissioned the report, which was authored by Chinese climate experts and agronomists.

China, btw, has allocated 0.5% of its $570 billion stimulus spending to water projects. That's not much compared to the troubles they have.

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  1. Today NPR did a story on Wal Mart going "Green" by enacting company standards for wholesale suppliers/manufacturers (all in China) requiring them to reduce or eliminate carbon emissions, smokestack particulates, and water pollution from their operations. Further, they must enact safety, health, and treatment standards for workers, including coal miners. If the suppliers do not meet these requirements, Wal Mart will not buy merchandise from them anymore. Uh, yeah.


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