28 Nov 2008

Change = CCC

While you are giving thanks, consider this from Luke Sexton, who says:

"I am so excited about this idea to reactivate The US Civilian Conservation Corps...

I work with the disadvantaged in my area. The problems these young people face today (unemployment, homelessness, addiction and much more) is staggering. The CCC would be an ideal program not only would it give them jobs but, it would build character, and give them a sense of belonging, while doing important work.

The impact it could have on conservation efforts nationwide would definitely be a welcome addition to our efforts to preserve and conserve our natural treasures. The USCCC was one of the most successful New Deal programs there was, I believe it can be again.

Sign the petition to reactivate the US CCC."

[My] Bottom Line: I agree that a voluntary CCC is a good way for people to connect with each other, their community, their country and their environment.