28 Oct 2008

Political Endorsements

The election is next Tuesday, and I -- like all good bloggers -- need to make my views clear [prior post on my politics].

Federal Votes
President: Barrack Obama -- because he's run an excellent campaign, he is a natural leader, and the Republicans have made numerous strategic (Palin) and tactical (negative ads) mistakes. John McCain should be ashamed of himself. Bob Barr (Libertarian) is seriously inferior to Ron Paul.

Congress (9th District): Barbara Lee -- the only member of congress to vote "No" on the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists. I remember that vote.

California Assembly -- I've no idea.

California Propositions [info. Kevin Drum's opinions]
  1. High-speed rail: No -- The State doesn't need to fund this.
  2. Animal rights: YES -- The law solves a coordination problem -- all farmers will face higher costs, but they can pass them to consumers.
  3. Children’s hospitals: No -- Better management, not more money.
  4. Abortion for minors: No -- Forcing young girls to tell their parents about abortions increases the cost of abortion, which will lead to more unwanted babies (sorry Sarah!)
  5. Drug penalties: YES -- another step towards legalizing drugs.
  6. Crime prevention/penalties: No -- Better management, not more money.
  7. Alternative fuels: No -- The idea sounds good, but the opposition (not just power companies, but also EDF and UCS) indicates that the law is flawed in some way.
  8. Eliminate gay marriage: NO -- Keep your laws off my body!
  9. Crime victims: blank -- mangled ballot arguments...
  10. Alternative fuels: No -- Don't subsidize "winner" technologies -- tax environmentally harmful actions.
  11. District boundaries: YES -- End gerrymandering!
  12. Homes for vets: No -- Vets and Kids don't need more handouts.
Bottom Line: Go Vote! Feel your power -- and then make sure your representatives do their jobs!

If you don't vote, there could be consequences [pro-Obama but funny]:

Addendum: You can customize this video here.


  1. Hey Dave. I sometimes quibble with your positions on environmental issues. But I think it's instructive to note that I voted down the line with you (except for the fact that we're in different congressional districts) and for exactly the same reasons.

    This reinforces my supposition that economics training tends to make you analyze problems in a consistent way. I have a BA and MS from 15 years ago but was never a practicing economist. So I have the mindset but my views are in no way formed by hanging out with economists.

  2. I'm voting No on 9, the crime victim prop. With the exception of the animal farming bill, my choices exactly mirror yours.

    As I live in LA Country, I'm also voting against the proposed half percent sales tax hike, prop R.

  3. I heartily agree with you about the Presidential race. It will be nice to have an intelligent person in the Oval Office after eight years of (insert derogatory term here).
    California has much more interesting initiatives than Washington. We can't even get light rail on the ballot, but instead we have Eyman trying to unravel previous environmental legislation so he can drive his SUV in the carpool lanes.
    We do have a "Death with Dignity" initiative, which has stirred up controversy with the "laws on the body" control crowd, which is the same gang that opposes gay marriage, abortion, and stem cell research. Which relates to the next issue--
    The prison problem reflects the priorities of a war on drugs/police state, and that problem is nationwide...
    I have mixed views on homeless vets. Some of them really need help, and others cheat and live double lives.
    Washington does not have a state income tax, but we have the highest sales tax in the USA at 8.38%.


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