2 Oct 2008

Managing into a Hole

Lester Snow, head of California's Department of Water Resources, thinks that "they" have things under control:
Armed with the governor's direction, state water managers are addressing the problems created by the drought through a variety of programs, including the Drought Water Bank for 2009. This emergency program will allow the Department of Water Resources to purchase water from willing sellers and sell that water to at-risk water agencies, giving communities that are facing health or public safety issues top priority. We are also working hard to coordinate programs and services to ensure that the state's efforts support conservation efforts at the local level.
In an earlier post, I mentioned my worry that DWR was going to choose buyers ("beauty contest"), but now I am worried that DWR is incompetent to act as a middleman. Why not allow willing buyers and sellers to deal with each other in auctions?

Bottom Line: We know how centralized management works (cf, Soviet Union), and we don't need them (further) screwing up our water supply. Markets -- free markets -- please!

hattip to DW

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