24 Oct 2008

Let Them Drink Bottled Water!

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has set up a website called Enjoy Bottled Water!. It's devoted to the defense of the right to drink bottled water, free from government regulation. You can sign a petition supporting that idea, and I did.

The folks over at Alternet are apoplectic that such a "shill" website exists. They see conspiracy, but I don't. I left this comment:
I know the CEI folks. They are ideologically committed to free markets and stopping government intervention. They are donor supported (and WILL take donations from bottled water companies), but that doesn't mean they are not running the site as part of their main mission.

Your conspiracies are unfounded, IMO. They are just as ideological as the anti-bottled water people.
Bottom Line: Let people drink water from the tap or the bottle. Eliminating either source reduces competition and thus the incentive for the remaining source to improve its product.