19 Oct 2008

GIO: Long Distance Transport

Question 6: What are some options for long distance transportation of water?

Please give your thoughts, opinions, facts, arguments, etc. in the comments.

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  1. "In total there is more than enough water for all, but it is often in the wrong place and is difficult and expensive to transport." ECONOMIST Magazine, July 19, 2008. Waterbag technology solves these problems by allowing water to be easily and economically transported long distances through the ocean with no harm to the environment. Waterbags are simply a modular, fabric pipeline moving water through the ocean. For a televison video link to YouTube and insert "Spragg Bag" in the selection box. See www.waterbag.com for photos. Contact Spraggbag@gmail.com for more information.

  2. Between concrete, stainless, and other like materials used in projects, I have seen no cheap material or project overland. Also the legal questions have no answer when I have asked except where water has traditionally scarce.

  3. The water bag idea has been around for ages. The economics suck, and from a purely carbon standpoint the amount of fuel needed to power the tugboat is very substantial. Not an answer, except perhaps in very specific situations, like a desert island somewhere; and a conventional lined tank barge can probably outperform the bag. Guantanamo Bay was supplied by barge for years, but I think they now have a de-sal plant. Pretty hard to beat gravity, and high efficiency pumps that operate off peak and can generate power when the water flows out (like San Luis Reservoir).

  4. I would be glad to send Phillip economic information that may change his opinion if he has an open mind. Phillip can contact me at Spraggbag@gmail.com.

    T. Spragg


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