26 Oct 2008

GIO: Information Diffusion

Question 13: What is the best way to share technologies and learning?

Please give your thoughts, opinions, facts, arguments, etc. in the comments.

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  1. The best way to share technologies and learning is through education, and by spreading the wealth of knowledge about the water scarcity problem that is invading the world.

    In the United States, we know the dangers of a limited water supply, and if we need a reminder we just have to look at the droughts in California, enhanced by the constant threat and reality of forest fires.

    There are a lot of water scarcity issues in the United States, but there are parts of the world that not only have limited access to clean drinking water, but some who just don't have access to clean water period. That's why spreading the word, and creating a buzz about the water scarcity problem is so crucial to solving the water crisis.

    I think a lot of people in civilized countries take for granted that they have access to clean water, and they aren't aware of other countries that don't. Unicef has a great campaign called "Drink 1, Give 10". It's a partnership with Volvic bottled water, in which Volvic donates proceeds from their sales to Unicef to help build wells, and provide clean drinking water to children in Africa. This campaign is a great way of spreading the wealth, and helping nations where clean water has not been available previously.

    The website drink1give10dotcom has a lot of information about the campaign, which has been utilized in many countries around the world, with the North American campaign starting in April.

  2. Those who really care about the Volvic campaign can bypass the water purchases and send ALL the water to the UN :)


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