18 Oct 2008

Bong Water

The Drug warriors are now saying that marijuana is destroying national parks:*
“Think about Sequoia,” Wanek said. “That’s 159 sites that we know of where there has been ground-clearing, and pesticides and herbicides applied. The impact goes well beyond the acreage planted. They create huge networks of trail systems and the chemicals that get into watersheds are potentially very far reaching — all the way to drinking water for the downstream communities.
Unfortunately, the trend (growing pot on park land) has nothing to do with growers desire to destroy ecosystems and everything to do with marijuana being illegal. It's not like people are going to risk land-forfeit by growing on their land.

Bottom Line: Legalize it -- and the water will run pure.

* Oh, and I love the rhetoric of "Mexican drug cartels" -- I bet a month's salary that these ops are being run by gringos.


Philip said...

When pot is outlawed, only criminals will grow pot. It has gotten much worse in the last 10 years or so; instead of a bunch of halfway enterprising hippies, there really are nasty criminal gangs running some of these ops. They will take a couple of illegals, make em camp out with the crop somewhere, and not pay them until it's harvested. It's really 17th century indentured servitude. Farmers & ranchers have has employees shot at, and big messes left where the camps were.

This sick joke we call the war on drugs is costing our country billions, and enriching people like Afghan terrorists and Mexican warlords. Thank goodness it is protecting our youth, who never, ever, use drugs!

Jackie said...

Our Forests and Indian Reservations are having a similar issue in Eastern WA, also blamed on illegals. But our hispanic gangs up here are often second and third generation thugs who ignored their parents' pleas to stay in school and try harder. The "illegals" are simple Mexican peasants who come up to pick fruits and veggies and bend over all day cutting asparagus, something we will not do, or couldn't because of the physical demands. Legalize it, tax it, and use the proceeds to insure 47,000,000 people without health insurance, educate the poor, and house the homeless.

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