26 Sep 2008

Six Months of Aguanomics

I've been blogging at aguanomics for about six months now, and things are going great guns.* I want to take a few moments to summarize the why, what and where.

First, as you can see by the photo on the left, I have had a long history with water. I came to the topic as an academic because I was interested in the complicated interplay between market and bureaucracy, moral and commodity with respect to water. (Read What is Aguanomics?)

Second, I wanted to promote a dialogue on issues that I researched for years. My dissertation was about water management in Southern California, but I discovered many things there that applied elsewhere. I wanted to engage and extend the debate to those areas, in an attempt to improve the situation.

Third, I wanted to act as a "public intellectual," to advance the debate on issues with a goal of maximizing social welfare. My goal is not typical in the blogger world, where people are sometimes so attached to their partisan opinion that they fail to consider alternative perspectives. Although I am vulnerable to my own bias (and ego), I try to approach topics not from a perspective of right or true, but useful or helpful. Although I may seem to back both sides at times, that's only because a topic is too complicated to be seen in black and white. (Read more on my politics.)

Fourth, I wanted to get a "community" of people to discuss these issues. (Why else open posts for comments!) There are many views in this world, and most are right in some way. My job (and your job) is to engage in the debate to [stealing from The Economist] "take part in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress."

In all of these areas, I've made massive progress, getting the word out to diverse audiences and getting them to participate in the debate (more more!).

My main concern at the moment is that I (we) see more "aguanomic" policies and actions implemented in California, the States and abroad. Can we work on that?

As far as metrics are concerned, consider these: Over 800 posts, about 400 people on RSS and email subscription, about 250 unique visitors/day, and a ranking of about 80/260 among economics blogs and in the top 65,000 worldwide (wow -- lots of blogs!).

BTW, here are a few hints to improve your aguanomics experience:
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  • Find all posts on an issue using a keyword search (see box at upper left).
  • Recurring themes are covered in sticky posts (see sidebar).
  • You can always send me questions or items of interest via email.
Bottom Line: This is great fun -- let's keep it rolling!

* My prior blog, "Sex, Drugs and Water Utilities" had posts on water. But, for some reason, people failed to see the connection [highly regulated industries] and shied away. By dropping sex and drugs, I've been able to concentrate on water topics, which are pretty sexy (and sometimes make you reach for drugs...)

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Dr. D.Korris said...

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