9 Sep 2008

Raise (Euro) Prices

via WaterSISWEB: The EU Environment Minister made a great speech on my favorite topic -- the relation between cheap water and shortages:
Mr Dinas said if individual countries did not take action now to make consumers pay for water they would face dire consequences in the future when there might not be enough clean drinking water.

He said agriculture - responsible for between 60-70 per cent of all water usage - and industry would also have to pay their fair share.

Austrian MEP Richard Seeber, who is helping draw up the EU's water strategy, said the average daily amount of water used per person in Europe had shot up from 100 litres to 400 litres and the aim was to cut this to just 80 litres.

He told the conference that half the people in Europe lived in areas where there was a water shortage. They had to be motivated to use less water and the best way to do that was by charging for it.

"It will be up to member states to fix their pricing policy and if people argue that filling a swimming pool is a human right then you have to ask 'is it a human right to deprive our children and grandchildren of water?'"
Bottom Line: No, wasting water is not a human right, and the easiest way to stop such an abuse is by pricing water according to scarcity.

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