14 Sep 2008

Not So Sexy Bottles

Sales of bottled water have slowed dramatically (to 1% growth). The marketers claim that people are getting squeezed by the economic slowdown. I (and commentators) think that people have decided that bottled water is not sexy.

Bottom Line: Consumer fads depend on the opinions of others. Now that bottled water is evil, people are drinking far less of it.


  1. An example where data would be of value. Have other bottled beverages also declined in sales?

    If so then this would reinforce the economic squeeze argument.

    If consumption has shifted to other choices (vitamin water, protein water) then the sexy claim would be strengthened.

    Perversely in tough times some small luxuries (like Ben&Jerry's ice cream) show increases. People may forgo a trip to a restaurant, but console themselves with a more expensive brand of ice cream.

    Lottery ticket sales are up currently. People are hoping for a deus ex machina to bail them out perhaps?

  2. "Sales of bottled water have slowed dramatically (to 1% growth)"

    Yeah, but uh...sales haven't slowed. The increase in the growth of sales has slowed.


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