21 Sep 2008

Natural Hydration Council

from Grist: Nestle Waters, Danone, and Highland Spring have founded the NHC to "research and promote the environmental, health and other sustainable benefits of natural bottled water."

You've got to be kidding me. Really.

Now what do they mean by "natural bottled water"? as opposed to unnatural bottled water? or natural unbottled water?

I went to their site and tried to become a member. I got this:
Thank you for requesting to access the Members Area of the NHC web site. This section is only available to members of the Natural Hydration Council. Your application is currently being reviewed and we shall be in touch shortly to let you know whether your request has been successful.
I'll let you know what happens. In the meantime, chew on this nugget:
In an independent survey conducted in May 2008 by Probe Research Inc., Canadians said they are not choosing bottled water over municipal tap water. They are choosing bottled water over other bottled beverages with more calories.
Good news!

Bottom Line: There's a lot of money being made on bottled water. Like cigarette manufacturers (remember the Tobacco Institute?), they will fund and promote whatever research supports bottled water sales.

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  1. I have been researching bottled water for almost 2 years now and the reason people are choosing bottled water is basically 2 fold.

    1) Convenience, the majority of people use bottled water because it is convenient. Grab a bottle and go.

    2) They do not like the taste or smell of the tap water where they live.

    I have literally talked to hundreds of people either through trade shows or one on one and these are the reasons that come up over and over.

    I don't believe it one bit they are choosing it over other "beverages".

    We call it the big "L" factor the "L" stands for lazy. Instead of using a filter and refillable bottle they just grab a one time use bottle, no matter the cost to them or the environment.


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