11 Sep 2008

Guestblogging at Freakonomics 2

In my second piece, I discuss water and oil.

Bottom Line: We don’t have a gas shortage because gas is expensive; we will have a water shortage until water is expensive. Want more water? Pay for it.


  1. Nice post on the oil and water topic but here's my take on this:
    I don't consider oil a necessity because life still goes on if all the oil reserves finish. Besides, we have other alternatives to it. So if the price jumps people would switch to alternative energy, or change their consuming behaviors.
    However, as for water....that's the only "alternative". Nothing can substitute for water. We need it to live. So i'm not sure if we are comparing apples to oranges here. I guess you can shine more light on my blind spot.

  2. Ladi -- if you read the post carefully, you see that I propose SOME free water ("need to live quantity") and then advocate higher prices on the rest ("need for lawn"), where people CAN use less...


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